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Get the very best with your email, using Gmail.

Many new businesses simply setup a free email address on one of the many free providers, and whilst this is better than using an email you created in your younger years that has little meaning now, your prospective clients can see that you’re cutting corners. Regardless if its a case of you just didn’t know better or not, they don’t know that and could easily expect you’d cut corners with them too.

Let us set you up with your own branded Gmail account, you’ll have access to the best email system ever created, online storage for all your business documents, a complete organizational system and so much more!

So, whats it cost?

Getting online with the best email system is simple, you could even do it yourself… However if you need Nothing But Net to take care of this, it’s just an extra $1 per week. We’ll set this up free alongside any website upgrade.

You will be able to access all your online data anywhere in the world at anytime you wish, simply log in to your Gmail account at, It really brings your online world to you, where ever you are.